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W3layouts Private Limited always believed and followed Mobile First Design. We started w3layouts with aim to make web Mobile friendly. Why Mobile first approach read below.

We are currently living in a world where 53% of internet users access the web through Mobile and its growing. If you have website which is not Mobile friendly, maybe 53% of your website users are not happy and they are not visiting back. You have an ecommerce site where you are selling products if it’s not mobile friendly then you are losing lot of business.

So, what is the solution? Building a separate mobile website for mobile users? But wait what about Responsive web design? Responsive design is supported by HTML5 and CSS3 supported mobile devices and what about remaining Mobile devices which are not smart enough to handle responsive design and load? Oh, now you have to design separate websites for web and Mobile. It will cost a lot of Money.

where can I get FREE Responsive and Basic mobile friendly design which can detect the device compatibility and load the design? Lots of service providers are providing free responsive web designs but not mobile optimized designs. If you need to have mobile optimized design we will not get a free mobile design which will look similar to the website design, w3layouts.com providing a single design in three different layouts which are optimized for Smartphone’s (Iphone, Android, windows Mobile and More), Mobiles (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and other Java, symbian Mobiles) and Web Responsive.

Download templates create Mobile friendly and responsive websites for some commonly asked question visit our FAQ’s page